The beautiful, peaceful countryside of southern Sweden is the home of the remote rural residential recording studio AGM.

AGM is a fully equipped professional studio with accomodation for up to ten people.

AGM is primarily an analog studio with a very large and unique collection of musical instruments, synths and amps, two live rooms, two isolation booths and two echo chambers. The digital side consists of a ProTools HD2 system (40 in/48 out).

The concept of AGM is that of the classic studios of yesterday when recording studios had a soul, a sound of their own and a strong vibe.

Some of the best selling swedish records of the 2000’s were made here as well as a large number of indie albums. Artists from all over the world has recorded at AGM.

The quiet environment and the unique studio athmosphere allow you to concentrate on your music.The sound of the live rooms and echo chambers, the collection of musical instruments, amps and studio gear will surely inspire you.

Welcome to AGM studios!